Testimonials by Summer Work and Travel Paticipants

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Hello there. I'm so happy with my recent summer work experience. I was able to work and travel for 4 months and met so many interesting new people. I want to say to anyone who plan to take part in the program that it is not only to earn money - it is about making friends. My employer is so happy with me. I'm definitely going back next summer.
Posted After Summer Work and Travel 2010.
Igor Konev / Russia participant/
I'm very happy with Sivux who guided me through the procedures after my arrival in the USA. I'm also happy with the great summer job they found for me in Cape May - NJ. I was able to cover my program expences and even return some money back home. Well done and Thank you.
Posted After Summer Work and Travel 2010.
Inna Arbuz / Moldova participant /
My Summer Employment was great! I gained valluable work experience and improved my English language. After my work commitment was complete and stayed for about two more weeks in the USA and travelled from San Francisco to Los Angeles via the coastal road - California 1. I made about 1200 pictures. It was so beatiful. I'm so hapy with the work and Travel program. I do encourage students from all over the world to take part in it.
Oyunzul Dorjsuren / Mongolia Participant /
.Hi Sivux. My Summer was great. Thank you for taking care of my program and my summer job and housing. It was so nice. I hope be able participate again. Warm Regards.
Gergana Matanova / Bulgaria Participant /

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