Agent Requirements

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What types of Partners do we look for?

We expect all SIVUX partners to share our belief in the power of international work exchange, to understand our mission and work for the development and success of the USA Work & Travel Program.
The SIVUX Partners include agencies specialized in work exchange programs, organizations with a background in the area of educational exchange and other non-profit organizations. We expect our partners to be very well acquainted with the student communities in their countries, with the university regulations and educational system, with the embassy requirements, specific market features, etc. We want your country expertise and we will hear and trust your opinion!

It is a great advantage for a partner to have staff members who have participated in the USA Work & Travel Program. We encourage this practice for our partners and they realize the benefits, such as providing the participants with realistic expectations, proper orientation and invaluable assistance with recruitment and screening.

We expect our partners to manage the USA Work & Travel Program in compliance with the SIVUX policy, Agent’s Manual and government regulations. We strongly believe that mutual respect and trust are essential factors for a successful partnership.


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