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Why an Au Pair Program?

Hosting an au pair is a rewarding and enriching cultural experience for the entire family. For 12 months, you and your children will have the opportunity to intimately experience a person of another culture in your own home. Your family's view of the world will expand through the au pair's sharing of her own language and customs. In addition, you and your family will share your own culture and customs with your au pair.

With the European tradition of "working together as a pair," families treat the au pair as an equal member of the family, unlike a nanny or other childcare providers who are considered outside employees.

Sivux au pairs go through a very serious screening process, including personal interviews, previous childcare experience, psychometric testing, criminal background checks and confirmed character reference checks. Sivux au pairs love children, desire to share their cultural heritage and look forward to being a part of daily family life.

Sivux Au Pair USA provides you the most value for your money, particularly with families with several children. The average direct au pair program cost is approximately $343 per week, all inclusive.


Host Family Qualifications

One of the most important host family characteristics is not only the need for childcare, but for the family to incorporate and treat the au pair as a family member. Including the au pair in family leisure activities and family events, reinforces Sivux Au Pair USA's goal of promoting intercultural sharing and exchange.

Other host family requirements include:


• Host parents are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents.

• English is the primary language spoken in the home.

• Family has adequate financial resources to support hosting an au pair for 12 months.

• Family agrees to a personal interview by a CHI representative.

• Family supplies character references for background check.

• Family reads and agrees to the U.S. Department of State' Exchange Visitor Program regulations.


The Host Family Provides:


• Private room and meals.

• A stipend of $195.75 paid per week.

• Up to $500 in tuition toward completing the au pair's required program educational component.

• Automobile insurance coverage if the au pair is expected to drive.

• Two weeks paid vacation; one full weekend off per month.


The Host Family Agrees to:


• Schedule no more than 10 hours of childcare per day; no more than 45 hours per week.

• Be available for monthly follow-ups conducted by the Sivux Au Pair USA coordinator.


What is the Educational Component?


Au pairs are required to take approved classes at an accredited post-secondary institution. A total of six semester units must be earned to fulfill the mandated educational component of the program.


As a condition for a family to host an au pair in a cultural exchange visitor program, the family is required to:

1) Help facilitate the enrollment and attendance in classes at a post-secondary educational institution.

2) Ensure that the au pair has adequate transportation to attend classes.

3) Pay up to $500 toward the costs of required academic course work. Any additional expenses, above and beyond the $500, associated with acquiring the six academic credits are to be absorbed by the au pair.




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