Internship / Training

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What is the Internship Program?
THE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM is for participants who are currently enrolled in University, or who have not graduated more than one year ago. So, if you are enrolled in University and attending classes, you can apply for the Internship Program. If you just graduated less than 12 months ago, you can also apply to the Internship Program. Internship is a 12 month maximum program.

What is the Trainee Program?
THE CAREER TRAINING PROGRAM is a more advanced training program for participants who have graduated from University with a degree, and have one full year of related work experience. So, if you have graduated from University, and you have worked for a year in your career related field, you can apply for the Career Training Program. If you have not graduated, but you have 5 full years of work experience, you can also apply for the Career Training Program. The Career Training Program is a maximum 18 month program.


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