Agent Responsibilities

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What is your role as Agent in the USA Work & Travel Program?

Our Agents are actively involved in every step of the USA Work & Travel program. From recruitment to the visa application, from the orientation and the support during the period of the program to the return of the students, as a SIVUX partner you will be managing the USA Work & Travel Program. Together we will make a difference, not only for a summer, but for a lifetime, for many university students from your country.
As a USA Work & Travel Program AGENT you will be responsible for:

Step 1:

Promoting the USA Work & Travel Program among university students.

Step 2:

Recruiting potential participants, including:
›› collecting application documents
›› verifying student status
›› testing English language ability
›› verifying proof of financial responsibility
›› reviewing the job confirmation for the self-placed participants.

Step 3:

Organizing a home country orientation for all USA Work & Travel applicants. SIVUX representatives will attend this orientation meeting. Required topics include:
›› Program Rules
›› DS-2019 and J-1 visa regulations
›› Arrival procedures
›› Work expectations, employee responsibilities
›› Housing options, rules and guidelines
›› Financial responsibilities, taxation and documentation
›› US Laws

Step 4:

Providing assistance with the visa application process, traveling arrangements and pre-departure orientation for the USA Work & Travel participants.

Step 5:

Staying in constant communication with SIVUX and provide support for the participants while they are in the USA.

Step 6:

Welcoming the students at the end of the USA Work & Travel Program; assist with collecting feedback and evaluation of their experience! In this way SIVUX and our partners help each other in improving the program every year!


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